Martha Stewart Living

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Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living Magazine has become a resource for style, entertaining, gardening, creating, and cooking since first being published back in 1990.

The magazine approaches the DIY mentality but with an eye to quality and high style. The recipes focus on making food from scratch, sometimes even starting at planting the seed in a garden!

The photography in Martha Stewart Living is beautifully done and will give the reader inspiration to make their everyday life beautiful.

  • Issues per year: 12
  • Publishing frequency: Monthly
  • First published: 1990
  • Publisher: Martha Stewart Living

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Martha Stewart Living

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2 comments on “Martha Stewart Living
  1. amber j says:

    I wish I could rip this magazine apart because Martha is not exactly my favorite person. But it is pretty good. I have to admit that. It’s worth a read now and then, at least.

  2. nell says:

    Martha is best, come on! She’s always had a knack for figuring out coming trends just before they happen. I always pay attention.

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